More Than Words. A Guide to Vibrant and Diverse Storytelling.

Your curated guide for cultivating diverse & vibrant brand storytelling

created for women on a mission


In this resource, I’m sharing three savvy steps + resources to help you consciously evolve your brand with more than words.

As a woman on a dream-building journey, how you show up in the world daily shapes the way your life story continues to unfold. Your brand is a reflection of who you are, what you do and ultimately impacts your success in your work and other areas of life.

I believe that brand storytelling in 2020 –the year of a disruptive pandemic, an electrified racial justice movement and amplified online connectivity worldwide — is about creating and sharing relevant brand experiences while cultivating an inclusive narrative that speaks to the diverse composition of your growing ( and if you’re like me, global ) audience.

So the question is,

how can you develop a more diverse and inclusive brand narrative with authenticity

…and meaningful substance? 

To begin, start at the heart of your brand.

This means moving forward with the intention to foster diversity and inclusion as inherent values that align with your grand vision for your work and the future you are creating. 

As the face of your brand, your action plan for more diverse, inclusive, vibrant brand storytelling goes far beyond using on-trend hashtags and sharing social memes… it’s an adventure to embrace.

Below are a three strategies that you can work into your lifestyle, to authentically evolve your brand with more than words.

Onward to the good stuff.

STRATEGY No. 1 – Practice Ongoing Self-Awareness and Reflection

One of the most insightful approaches to move forward is to embrace diversity and inclusion education as part of your own personal growth as a leader. Engaging in conversations of diversity and inclusion won’t always be easy and often call for enhanced empathy, sensitivity and understanding. However, true breakthroughs happen by getting comfortable beyond your comfort zone and doing the inner work first. Push onward by researching the experts and brands in your industry who are leading initiatives on increasing diverse representation. You can also join a book club (like the series created by my women’s empowerment organization Believe Inspire Grow) or workshop focused on diving deep into works that drive discussion around diversity and inclusion. As you move forward,  design and track your own go-to list of resources as a guide to give you more confidence in conversation and brand messaging.  

STRATEGY No. 2 – Intentionally Diversify Your Relationships

As you increase your awareness and confidence, a significant step you can take is to create more personal experiences fueled by diversified perspectives. These experiences naturally inspire genuine brand moments that can be shared with your audience through stories. It is these stories that are the building blocks of your brand narrative. As one-of-a-kind individuals, each person you work with is a living storybook, filled with personal histories, knowledge, challenges and dreams. This is why striving for diverse representation helps you tell a more vibrant brand story. Ultimately it’s not about you —it’s about the multifaceted community that you are uniquely positioned to help. From your partnerships, collaborations, success stories, mentors and beyond, actively look for opportunities to cultivate a power network that represents a rainbow of perspectives. Your number one magic move here is simply engaging in conversation.  

STRATEGY No. 3 – Foster Deeper Connectivity with Your Audience

One of the most simple steps any brand leader can take today is to listen, ask questions, then listen even more. The global call for action on elevating the representation black perspectives and the perspectives of people of color is creating a pivotal dialog between brands and audiences. Digging beneath the surface to better understand the viewpoints of the people engaging with your brand  is necessary in order to truly prioritize representation. Taking action to learn about how your audiences’ experiences may be shaped by gender, sexual orientation, ability, generation, multicultural perspectives and beyond begins to open the door for even more powerful and vibrant storytelling.  As you listen and learn, the messaging communicated through your blog, newsletter, social media presence and in-person experience will be better poised to resonate and inspire. From thoughtful questions to your email list to a virtual coffee with a client, explore all the ways that you can actively listen and connect with your audience in a deeper and more comprehensive way.

MORE INSIGHTS – Going Beyond 2020...

As we look down the road toward the years to come, I believe we can be empowered by the fact that despite external occurrences, we still (and will always) have command over what we can control. In the self awareness arena, I absolutely love the programming and content provided by leading holistic centers and institutes like Omega and Kirpalu. In 2020, organizations such as these have voiced and demonstrated their commitment to address today’s diversity and inclusion movement.

When it comes to taking action, Melyssa Griffin’s anti-racisim action plan is a detailed and inspiring blueprint for how she is leading her online business in a value-aligned way.  For academically positioned inspiration and insights, institutions like the Smithsonian have created comprehensive and engaging resources.

Of course, this is a prelude for an ongoing journey. Stay tuned as this section of Vibrant and Diverse Storytelling grows.

Thank you for reading.

I hope the strategies in this guide have been helpful.

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