Hello, I’m Candi.

“I believe that work driven by passion creates the most impactful outcomes.”

My passion is creating experiences that empower women to powerfully cultivate their own brand of signature style and success.

I’m the proud the founder of the women’s personal branding podcast On Her Mission and the creative director of Candi Marie Beauty – a platform dedicated to delivering exquisite beauty experiences. Together, these brands help women succeed from the inside out.

Known for brand development and image consulting, I’m a speaker and beauty industry professional with an eclectic interdisciplinary background in journalism, the performing arts and information science. My lifestyle brands serve as a powerful platform to empower women through beauty and online education. To take a few steps back, my journey to establishing my business is a non-traditional path that makes an intriguing tale. A former communications consultant with nearly a decade of experience in that field, variety characterized my dynamic work world. My history of past marketing projects spans several sectors and include working on endeavors related to real estate, environmental sustainability, the health foods industry, fashion and beauty pageantry, theatre production, conference and event planning, and more.

While working as a marketing and brand consultant, I developed a distinct communication style and a rock-solid success mindset. Over time, my consistent personal branding attracted incredible opportunities. I have booked celebrity interviews, collaborated on international initiatives, and facilitated global projects at Singularity University (Graduate Studies Teaching Fellow 2010).

Today, my business initiatives help me share and teach the personal branding and image development insights that I have learned along my journey.

Time for a little visual storytelling…

Me, at a glance…

Right now, I’m most excited by what’s coming next.

Something new is coming.