I’m Candi.


“You are your best asset.”

When I first launched my career in the midst of the 2008 recession, personal brand strategy helped me unveil opportunities at a time when many believed there were none. Today, my mission is to help fellow women experts succeed with the same strategies that helped me hit milestones. If you believe in all you have to offer and want to reach your 2021 goals with confidence, you’re in the right place.

As a personal brand strategist balancing the many facets of life, I absolutely love the idea that we can create how we want to live and work. The On Her Mission podcast, airing Spring 2021, is all about exploring how women are leaning into their expertise to create remarkable outcomes.  

These are the world’s entrepreneurial experts

The writer with the addictive storytelling. The coach that empowers others. The crafty DIY creator. The photographer with an exceptional eye. The culinary extraordinaire. The creative consultant. The savvy event planner. The beauty pro. The design genius. 

On the On Her Mission podcast, we’ll have conversations that examine the many strategies behind entrepreneurial success. From personal branding to personal growth, we’ll dive into topics that highlight creative strategies for your brand,  your work and your life. Above all, it’s about actively living your dream life –and living in alignment with where you want to go next. 

So where do you want to go next?

I’ve always been a believer in dreaming bigger.

Wherever you want to go, let’s make sure you get there.

On the On Her Mission podcast, we’ll explore success strategies that you can make your own. As the name of the podcast reveals, it’s all about helping you on your mission. If you believe honing your own signature success strategies will help you achieve more, then you’re ready to make it happen.

In moving forward towards any goal, I have discovered there is always one very important question to ask yourself:

Is there anything holding you back?

If you have ever felt stuck on a goal, then you have experienced first-hand how the way to move forward is not always clear. My goal is to help guide you through your mission with some strategic savviness along the way. And so,

I invite you to visit the

Virtual Strategy Lounge

The Virtual Strategy Lounge was created to help women experts take what they know and make it more. Inside you’ll find the signature collection of courses and resources mentioned throughout the On Her Mission podcast —all organized in one place. 

The best part about the Virtual Strategy Lounge is there are some freebies waiting for you inside.

All made with love.


Join me for a bit of time travel, won’t you? 

I believe life happens in seasons.

Beyond winter, spring, summer and fall, our seasons  of experience shape our journey.

Season one in the story below takes us back to when I first started to tap into the power of personal brand strategy. 

Time for a little visual storytelling…


Me, at a Glance