Setting Goals for Growth

3 Amazing Focus Areas For Expanding Your Presence Every Season

No matter the season or the industry, having clear goals that align with a big-picture vision is essential. However, when it comes to goal-setting, there are seemingly endless options for how to best focus your time and energy. Luckily, a simple two-step trick can help alleviate this little predicament the trick is simply organizing your goals by focus area. The fantastic thing is, you can do it anywhere! Grab a notebook, tablet, phone, laptop (whatever works for you) to get started:

First, list your top focus areas of everything you wish to accomplish.


As you do this exercise, imagine each focus area as a lifestyle/business category that you can take specific action on. For example, let’s say you want to work on self-improvement this season. “Self-improvement” would be the main focus area on your list. Then, the specific goals you create for self-improvement could be: fitness goals, daily habit goals, motivational reading goals, etc… Another great example of a focus area is home-improvement. In this second scenario, you might then create organization goals related to your home such as cleaning out your closet, decluttering your desk, painting your cabinets, remodeling a room…

You get the idea!

Breaking down your goals into focus areas can help streamline your goal-setting and bring clarity to your planning process. You might even think of this approach as creating project-based goals. When it comes to personal branding, there are a variety of focus areas to work on but, taking the next step doesn’t have to be confusing. The focus areas listed in this blog post are proven personal brand essentials that can help you prioritize what YOU want to work on next. Plus, if you’re feeling unclear on what personal brand strategy even is, don’t fret 😉 You can grab your FREE guide to Master Branding Basics right here.

Got it? Perfect!

Now, regardless of where you’re at in building your personal brand, creating goals in any of the three focus areas below are sure to bring forth personal brand GROWTH right away.

FOCUS AREA NO. 1 – Social Engagement Goals

Creating connections is vital for any brand working towards growing an audience that loves what they are all about. When it comes to personal branding, consistent social engagement helps you open new doors and gives genuine insight into you can be of service to others. Today, the term “social engagement” can be a bit complex simply because of its relevance to social media. However, social engagement in this instance (as a focus area for personal brand growth) is more than just serving up fresh posts, likes and comments it’s about forging real face-to-face connections through networking and being part of a community. Along with your social media activity, be sure to set social engagement goals that both cultivate new relationships and sustain existing ones beyond your online profile(s).

FOCUS AREA NO. 2 – Thought Leadership Goals

One exciting part of personal branding is showcasing what you know and trust and believe, if you’ve made it to where you are today, you know and have learned plenty. Right now, someone out in the world will find deep value in your knowledge and gain new insight from all you have to share. Thought leadership is an avenue to contribute to the larger conversation that likely happening in your industry or field of expertise. By using your voice, you build presence and awareness about yourself, which only propels your personal brand forward. Setting thought leadership goals means mapping out how you can best share what you know with the world. That might be through blogging, public speaking or even creative collaborations. Whatever you decide, your action plan in this category should be whatever works best for you and your personal brand.

FOCUS AREA NO. 3 – Savvy Systems Goals

This one might not immediately seem relevant to personal brand growth, but having savvy systems actually lies at the foundation of it all. Without them, your ability to cross the finish line when it comes to completing projects can take a nosedive. In a nutshell: systems help create consistency. So, what exactly does this focus area entail? Well, a “system” is a process for getting something done. Establishing savvy systems goals could include a procedure for staying on top of your email, how you manage your time week to week, the steps you take for setting up meetings/calls, or even the boundaries you set and keep. Every season, you can build on your systems by identifying what might not be working or important tasks that may slip through the cracks of time. The beautiful aspect about establishing systems is that they can support many of your other personal branding goals you create and reinforce the success habits that help you evolve.

Thanks for reading!

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