7 Types of Experts Who Powerfully Leverage Their Own Name

Get Inspired With This List of Real-World Personal Brand Examples

One of the most apparent distinctions between business brands and personal brands is simply all in the name of the brand itself. Business brands are identified by a name that typically identifies a specific product, service or platform. Personal brands however, can identify all of those offerings and more. Specifically, the “more” is YOU. It’s your own name that can be leveraged to all levels of success.

When it comes to personal brand development, seeing how others show up can motivate us to level-up in new ways. This is true if you’re just getting started, pivoting in a new direction or ready to amplify your existing personal branding efforts. In today’s online-driven world, powerhouse personal branding is more popular than ever before. With this being the case, there are many personal brands out there that can be incredible sources of inspiration.

“It’s important to build a personal brand because it’s the only thing you’re going to have. Your reputation online, and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so you’ve got to be a good person. You can’t hide anything, and more importantly, you’ve got to be out there at some level.”


Below, you’ll find seven types of experts that can inspire how you put yourself out into the world:

No. 1 | Writers

From book authors to poets to bloggers, writers naturally grow their reputation with “by-line” magic and receiving direct credit for their work. Since the writers from ancient times penned their first words, the tradition of writing has blossomed into a modern industry where getting published is an undeniably smart option for enhancing your own visibility. No matter if you take a DIY approach, start guest posting for online outlets or even work with a publisher on producing a book, your name will definitely reach more people through writing. #published

No. 2 | Designers & Professional Creatives

Jewelry designers, fashion designers and graphic designers all have an amazing trait in common they all understand how to use the power of the visual to establish distinct industry presence and recognizable style. Other professional creatives in this category include visual artists manifesting new artistic works, musicians creating new sounds and interior designers that dream up imaginative spaces. No matter the outlet, these creatives all produce unique end-products that only make their own name all the more memorable. #creativity

No. 3 | Image Consultants & Stylists

Speaking of recognizable style, a quick Instagram search will show that image consultants such as photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists are simply SLAYING the personal brand game today. This likely has to do with the fact that showing up at their very best is literally built into their area of expertise. Going beyond providing a coveted service to their clients, the most influential image consultants practice what they teach by being living examples of their own personal brand values of confidence, signature style and more. #leadership

No. 4 | Speakers & Media Personalities 

With the rise of social media and niche digital creators (think YouTubers, podcasters, Clubhouse conversation leaders) anyone with a message to share and a vocal desire to share it has more powerful capability than ever before. Establishing a consistent presence on a preferred digital platform is one phenomenal way that speakers and media personalities alike have boosted their personal brand presence in recent years. In addition to booking traditional real-life appearance and speaking engagements, actively using your voice and the power of speech to capture and grow an online audience is pure brilliance. #speaker

No. 5 | Lawyers   

Lawyers are long-time established professionals when it comes to personal branding and self-promotion. Self-named law firms are a common practice and the name(s) on the outside of law business are a direct reflection of the talent and service within. Even more impressive, the nature of the industry often means that lawyers have plenty of one-on-one time with clients and there is truly no shying away from direct contact with those they serve. This helps to build incredible word-of-mouth influence and reputation. #fearless

No. 6 | Business Strategists & Consultants 

Speaking of direct contact, business experts such as accountants, event planners, marketing professionals virtual assistants (and more) are certainly no strangers to reputation management. In the traditional business world, face-to-face networking has been a long-standing approach for making new connections and business growth. As the 2020 pandemic disrupted networking meetings and events as they were, virtual gatherings became part of the new normal. This shift has made meeting new people easier than ever before. One way to ensure you’re always putting yourself out there is by joining various membership groups that meet regularly and making networking a non-negotiable part of your personal brand strategy. #networking

No. 7 | Niche Coaches & Instructors

From fitness coaches to life coaches to business coaches, those that guide others to become better are building their personal brand presence simply through the direct impact they have on the lives of their clients. Although there are countless coaches and instructors that operate in the same niche, the most successful ones know that it’s their unique teaching style, methodology and attitude that keep their business running and the clients a coming. Savvy experts in this area showcase their own distinct personality to attract who they are meant to attract. Coaches that invest in their personal branding know this, and in a similar fashion, inspire their clients to be the best possible version of themselves not anyone else. #inspire

Before you go, a little exercise for you:

Feeling an extra boost of personal brand motivation?

Hopefully your answer to that is an undeniable YES.

While you ride the inspiration wave, here’s a little bonus challenge for you…

This week, take some time to think about and create your list of personal brands you admire. Who inspires you to take your message and skills to the next level? Who shows up in a way that resonates with you the most?

Moving forward, this list will come in handy, giving you fresh ideas as you continue to cultivate your own brand presence.

Thanks for reading!


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